Longbridge Public Art Project

In 2014 I was commissioned by WERK, as part of Longbridge Public Art Project (LPAP), to engage residents of neighbourhoods around Longbridge in Birmingham during the regeneration of factory land into a new town centre.    

I wanted to understand more about how local people felt about the loss of the factory and the new town centre, so in partnership with a number of community centres and Church halls in the area, I invited residents to lunch and supper clubs to talk, draw, and contribute their thoughts and ideas.  

Longbridge Supper Clubs

Through the supper clubs it was evident that there was strong, established community connections and activity. However, much of the activity was within buildings so I wanted to explore if there was an interest in making this activity visible within Longbridge Town Centre.  People contributed ideas and ways they wanted to get involved, which formed the basis of a Longbridge Open Spaces Strategy.  

Longbridge Open Spaces 

Through the development of the strategy a friends of the park group was formed called Friends of Longbridge Open Spaces (FLOS).  There is now a part-time co-ordinator and the group have since organised a range of events in the new town centre.