Re:connections is a project exploring residents emotional responses to where they live through arts practice. I devised and produced the project and involved the following artists who engaged residents through conversations prompted by their practice: Justin Wiggan (sound); Dan Burwood (photography); Jess May Davies (Poetry) and artist duo Claire Hickey and Emily Warner (visual arts).  The arts practice is dialogical as it is a way of facilitating conversations which encourages people to articulate in a sensitive way.

The project took place in Lee Bank/Park Central an inner-city residential area. Previously, it was a sixties council estate called Lee Bank, now regenerated, it is called different names and is physically transformed. The artists explored the emotional connections of residents including those who lived there before the regeneration and as well as new residents. Artworks produced by the artists as a response to the conversations were presented at a sharing event in the park and exhibited at Parkside Gallery, Birmingham City University as part of the Architecture, Festival and the City conference.